Social E-Commerce

Know what buyers want to buy, create new and more meaningful ways for retailers to interact with buyers. Provide client along the purchase path with product information, rating, feedback and advice. A more personalized and entertaining way of shopping online.

Custom Online Marketplace unlike any other

Anything less is just traditional
e-commerce in sheep’s social clothing.

Social E-Commerce

Our Social Commerce customized solutions touches buyers before, during and after their purchase. It encompasses a broad array of options including group buying, social shopping, mobile apps, retailers adding social features, and shopping integrated into social media. SNSEpro’s Solution creates innovative but highly user friendly niche and multivendor storefronts that make for a very successful and satisfying shopping experience which attract, convert and boost sales.

User Experiences that Win!

Social E-Commerce

Optimum user-centered design practices, methods and techniques ensure that your website, or application is visibly greater than the sum of its parts-and the experience it delivers keeps your visitors coming back for more.

Scheduled Delivery

Social E-Commerce

Scheduled Delivery allows customers to choose the exact time and date slot that they would like their product to be delivered.

Mobile Commerce

Social E-Commerce

Our Social Commerce platform automatically provides iPhone, iPad, Android compatibility so your customers can conveniently shop on your store on any device! Customers can shop directly on their device with a native app look and feel.

Rich Product Design

Social E-Commerce

Backend Analytical engine

Give winning edge to Shops through our Shop statistics. Tracks Products, Orders, Daily Sales, Weekly Sales, etc.

Social E-Commerce

Core Features for your network

You can choose from our wide range of features which helps you in creating a best-in-class customized network


Can handle bids, fixed price item or classifieds to tap


Members can send Private Messages and Invites to Friends

Social E-Commerce

DIY shop for individual users with individual payment gateway


The potential to generate very heavy revenues

Banner Management

Converts popularity of your site into revenues by offering advertising


Members can Rate Videos and Music uploaded by others


Members have control over the information to be displayed to others Activity Feeds from Friends


Members can Rate, Vote and Answer questions for the posted Contests

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