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Think Design Measure

We champion user-centered design process that is collaborative, interactive, fun and energetic.

Most of design companies think of design as being about aesthetic qualities colors, pixels, fonts, buttons and the like. Absolutely, the aesthetic appearance of products is important, but design is about simplicity and delighting customers and other users. It’s about an absolute focus on the user, and it’s about constant innovation.

Our Process


Design Research & Competitive Analysis

Our Procces

We dive deep into your business needs to discover your target audience, their behaviors, your objectives, and the barriers for success. We’re super fast thinkers and aggressively explore ideas, tear apart concepts and question every assumption


Personas & User Journey Map

Synthesis Modeling

User journey map help us build a strong foundation to scope out the app’s functionality, consider its main features and understand the relationships between component to create an engaging user experience..


Wire-frames & Prototypes


We need more than just "see" your app with static wireframes and screens - we "FEEL" it with rapid visual prototyping. This uncovers problems so we can experience your iPhone, Android or iPad app before we build it. Solving UX problems early saves your time and money.


Usability Audit & Test Reports


The Goal Is To Create An App That Your Audience Will Use Every Day. We test the efficiency and effectiveness of everything including wireframe sketches, hi-fidelity prototypes, unreleased versions and your current release. Our audit report gathers extensive user feedback which is critical to measure success of an interface and/or design solution.


User Interface Design


Simple, Useful And Elegant

UI/UX design can be the difference between user delight, and user dismay. That's why we have a team of rockstar mobile designers that are seriously picky about pixels. As user's preferences shift toward a simpler interface, stripping the UI to its very basic, necessary elements is the key to success. Minimalism is a perfect marriage of form and function.

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