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“What do you need to be aware of when your app goes live on the App Store?”

Mobile Launch & Maintenance

Ongoing mobile app maintenance is a must for the smooth running of any medium to large-scale application systems.

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Server Management

Server Management

Make sure to store your backed up files on a separate server from where you host your live application (main server).

Back up files like:

Your database


Server configurations

Server load analysis

Run regular server analysis to make sure you’re not pushing your server limits.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Your system can almost always perform better.The most common of these integrations are:


Remove unnecessary loading of information from the server.

File Compression

Compress large files like images that need to be loaded from the server.


Set up servers in key locations creating better experience for users in those locations

Technology Management

Technology Management

APIs are updated from time to time to ensure their compatibility with new technologies and taking advantage of new ideas.

We make sure:

Subscribe to developer updates for all your APIs.Let you know as soon as there is an update.Implement updates of API into your system if necessary.

Marketing Performance

Marketing Performance

You need to keep an eye on your users to find out what they’re doing, how they’re using your system and ultimately, how you can improve it to better accommodate them.


Implement user feedbacks

Improve UI/UX


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