Dedicated Teams

Highly experienced & trained engineers dedicated to your projects
160 hours / month

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

We offer flexible hiring model with dedicated development center. Build your own super team of mobile developers, web developers, QA testers, UI developers & project managers to support your goals. You get complete control over all your resources with dedicated infrastructure to drive your projects the way you want.

Flexibility to scale up or down

Hire as many developers as you want and easily scale up or down to meet a certain deadline or budget.

Cut costs staying on quality

Save atleast 50% on salaries, medical & other benefits. We make sure our developers provide the best quality coding.

Easy to manage

We take care of all the employee management hassles while you smoothly drive your projects.

We dedicate top-notch offshore developers to work with you full time 160 hours every month. Hire one or more developers for your project and we will provide you with a project coordinator & QA/Testers to help you steer your project smoothly. Our team comprises of iPhone App Developers, Android App Developers, PHP Developers, HTML5 Developers and Javascript Developers.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Resources

Hiring Dedicated Resources
  • Dependability
  • Rapid implementation of solutions
  • No investment in maintaining in-house development team or infrastructure
  • Focus on core business requirements
  • Dedicated support for all requirements
  • Phone, Email, Skype, Basecamp Communication with the resources
  • Flexibility in the utilization of manpower
  • Timely Project Updates

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