Location Based Communities

Unique network focusing on events, tastes, preferences based on your location

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Location Based Network Expertise

Our Location based network solutions learns from the users what they like and leads them to places they love. It finds great recommendations based on users tastes, their ratings for similar places, and the friends and experts they trust most. Such solutions are growing in popularity as the web seeks to become more personal.

  • Create your social profile
  • Automatically detect you and tell the world where you might be at any given time
  • Connect with other people in your area more easily, follow where your fellow users are, or make new friends all over the world
  • Lists various events happening around you, You can also look out for specific tastes like Food, Entertainment, Shopping, Outdoors etc. around you
  • Locate them on map
  • Real-time reviews about the services helps you in decision making
  • List your preferences and get feeds on the selected preferences

Similar works

Our solutions stand out among the crowd. Take a tour of our eminent and exclusive social network portfolio.


SPYN is a location based network for sports enthusiast to connect and interact with each other. It enables creating Events, Tournaments, Venue and other top-quality tools for players & coaches to run their programs.


Android studio, Eclipse, Core Java, Android sdk, SQLite

Discover the Hype

Discover the Hype is a engagement to create a dynamic solution that enable users to buy, sell, trade or swap their products on a social backdrop. It dynamically tracks user location and suggests products located around them.


Yii, Mysql, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3

Find a Buddy

Find a Buddy helps you locating like minded people around you


Yii, Mysql, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3

Task Tracker

Task Tracker is a location-based tracking functionality for managing the workforce and ensure excellent customer service.


Yii, Mysql, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3

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