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Our Jobs and Talent network helps professionals match their trained and certified talent with your employers and business partners seeking to hire that talent. It allows business professionals, Companies and Businesses to collaborate and network by their business interests or industry and thus enables them to share knowledge and stay informed. We come up with lots of new beneficial and unique features, favorable for business and social networking like business partners search, meeting reminder, order book, job board, idea and groups to encourage business networking globally.

  • Job board enables job seekers to post resume and search jobs on the network
  • Employers can post job vacancies and can search resumes accordingly. Jobs can be searched by industries or locations
  • User’s profile contain skills, experience and area of expertise and anyone who wants to collaborate with them can contact them and place questions in the expert section
  • Get Professional recommendations
  • Question in the expert section
  • Companies can create targeted Showcase Pages
  • Use News Feeder to keep track of industry news
  • Create your own industry Group (or subgroups) and join relevant ones
  • Update your posts on the activity wall. Also like, share and comment on others post

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