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Our custom education / e-learning solutions enable collaboration between Students and Teachers or Mentors, Coaches and make it easy to communicate. These custom solutions along with the social collaboration helps students to stay connected and engaged.

  • Online project notebooks for students working together to share the information they collect with each other
  • Connect with other mentors to share and exchange ideas and best practices
  • Upload and share documents, links and other resources with classmates, project members or the entire class
  • Tag messages, content and workspaces in your class to easily organize and find content
  • Dashboards to keep students & mentors up-to-date
  • Review your mentor
  • Create Groups of users with similar interest
  • Make online payments

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Prompt Knowledge is a place where students & professionals can gather online knowledge by applying suitable courses. It enables collaboration between Students and Experts.


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Electurelyte a educational network that allows students to record their lectures themselves and share with buddies.


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"School of Invention is a collaborative platform for developing your idea and facilitates creating new business models for entrepreneurs. It mitigates the risk of inefficiencies of the invention and product development processes by spreading and promoting collaboration among inventors, designers, engineers, programmers, manufacturers and other key participants through Revenue Sharing model thus bringing a great idea to market."


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AptTherapy is a unique network for online subscribing to behavioral therapies and sessions for small kids.


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